Nighttime view of Norsk Tipping

New job and new opportunities

This has been a very exciting winter. I left my job as an IT Consultant in Oslo and started an internship at Norsk Tipping. The 1st of April, I got hired as a concept developer. What does a concept developer do, you might ask? First of all, it is a lot of prototyping. I spend a large amount of time creating and testing out new game concepts and services. I have realized that I’m very lucky to be able to play around with a lot of different technologies and get back to things like OpenGL, GLSL and Augmented Reality!

Normal days at work

Normal days at work

In the beginning of January, I shut down my company; Fallen Leaves Interactive as it was more inactive than interactive to be honest (most of us was too busy to get work done). During the last couple of months, my will to create has returned. By getting back into game development, I have realized that this is what I need to and love working on. This realization has led me to start developing on my free time again and thinking about publishing some of it when I feel it is polished enough.

As I now have the economy to support this, I can take the time and effort to follow my dreams and it feels good! More code examples and tutorials will be coming up as it gets written, the more I can share with you, the better!

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