TrafikkQuiz (2013)

TrafikkQuiz is a mobile quiz application made for Trygg Trafikk. The application is made for Android and iOS devices, using Phonegap.

NameCheck (2013)

“NameCheck – The important choice” is a trademark lookup application made for the Norwegian Patent Office. It is made using Phonegap 1.9 and published for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 8.

Dia Runner (2012)

Portfolio: Dia Runner
Dia Runner is a game made in Unity 3D for the event Games4Health. It’s purpose is to get people to focus on diabetes and its challenges while not loosing the playability.

Hamarregionen (2012)

Hamarregionen is a Phonegap mobile application made for “Hamarregionen Utvikling” which aims to develop businesses and tourism in the eastern part of Norway.

Hero or Zero (2011)

Portfolio: Hero or Zero
Hero or Zero is an XNA project that I and four others did over a semester at NTNU for the course Software Architecture. Inspired by Super Smash Bros.

Ready for Boarding (2011)

Portfolio: Ready for Boarding
Ready for boarding is an Augmented Reality quiz game based on the iPhone, Android and Blackberry application Layar.

Alien Destruction (2010)

Alien Destruction is a space shooter in 3D for the Android platform (version 1.6) using OpenGL.