Ready for Boarding

Description (from KLM):

This game is initiated by KLM, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and AR Lab. We share our ambition to enrich an experience with new technologies.
This AR experience is supported with visuals of young Dutch designers from the Royal Academy of Art from The Hague.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol would like to wish you a safe and comfortable journey and you will be inspired by the game when you arriving at your destination.

It is based on the iPhone, Android and Blackberry application Layar. The game is about traveling, the player is challenged to answer questions about their destinations and will compete against other players on a score based on their correct answers and the time they used. Ready for Boarding was released on Schiphol on October 20th.

Articles related to the project

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The team consisted of:
Simon McCallum (Manager)
Yolande Kolstee (Manager)
Klaas Lageveen (Artist)
Ibrahim Arief (Prototyper & Tester)
Jordy van den Nieuwendijk (Artist)

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