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Ascii Art Generator

Sun, beer, volleyball, travel, bathing, swimming, longboarding, and of course… programming! It is the time of year when I have the time to dedicate time to some personal projects. Today has been a long day of coding and the result was a JavaScript Ascii Art Generator. I have been doing some image manipulation using HTML5 […]

2014-09-04 13.42.27

Throwback Thursday

After almost two years here at Hamar it is time to move on. Today is my last day at Norsk Tipping and now its time to take a well earned vacation before moving to Oslo. The time here in Hamar has been very varied and I have learned so much, truly a great time! It is […]

Just Cause 3 coming December 1st

As mentioned in the last post, Square Enix had a press conference at E3 this year. One of the games they confirmed is Just Cause 3 from Avalanche Studios. The release date is December 1st 2015 for all platforms. Can’t wait! The mobile game from Bethesda; Fallout Shelter is also coming for Android in a couple […]


Top 10 games from E3

There are just too many cool things being shown at the E3 expo this year! Up until now, we’ve had Bethesda, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony presenting. Still, we have the press conferences of Nintendo and Square Enix (their first ever press conference at E3) to look forward to. Anyways, here is my top 10 list for E3 […]


PHP Server redirect

After a couple months of moving, putting together IKEA furniture and reconfiguring servers and devices there is still one thing missing; a static IP. I am currently running OpenProject as my choice of project management tool. The challenge of using this is that it runs on Ruby, so it has to be hosted on one […]