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Object-oriented JavaScript

Any project using JavaScript tend to quickly grow out of proportions and often results in very messy code. There are some good tools out there for making it easier to write and maintain JS code, one of which I like the best: CoffeScript. Using these kind of tools helps a lot, but today I’ll present […]


Determining if two lines intersect

Today we are going to take a look at intersecting lines. There are some information on this scattered around the internet, but a good example is hard to find. The uses for this is mainly in 2D, it can be applied to lighting, physics and all other applications using rays. To solve this, we want […]

After generating the RSA key in PuTTYgen

Setting up a Git client with SSH keys

As a developer, version control systems are one of the daily routines. Surprisingly there are a lot of people who does not know how to use them even though there are a lot of good tutorials out there. Today we are adding a new one, trying to explain the setup process as simple as possible. For […]