We are hosting a heavily modded Minecraft server. Mainly, we are focusing on major technical mods like Buildcraft, IndustrialCraft, RedPower and Thaumcraft. Feel free to check out the client.
If you want to join us, leave me a comment or send me an email at contact @

Bridge looking over the village

Bridge looking over the village
Minecraft version: 1.4.7
NexCraft version: 1.0

You can now check out our server on our DynMap.


04 mar 2013
We are up and running in Minecraft 1.4.7. All mods have been updated and we are proud to introduce Obsidian Pressure Plates, Applied Energetics, Modular Powersuits and Twilight Forest.

03 Jan 2013
We are live! Just uploaded the new client today, we are going to prepare a spawn zone today and then we will be good to go.

23 Dec 2012
As Minecraft 1.4.6 was released a couple days ago, we are awaiting the mod releases for 1.4.6. This should not take long and the server should be up by the end of the year or the following week.

Complete mod list

Applied Energistics 0.9b
Binnie Core
BuildCraft 3.4.3
– Additional Buildcraft Objects 1.0.1
– Thermal Expansion
CodeChicken Core 0.7.3
ComputerCraft 1.4
– Misc Peripherals 3.1
Ender Storage
Equivalent Exchange 3 pre1f
Extra Bionomes XL 3.10.0
Factorization 0.7.10
– Extra Bees
– Thaumic Bees
Iron Chests
Industrial Craft 2 1.115.218
– Advanced Machines 4.7b
– Advanced Solar Panels 3.3.3
– Gravitation Suite 1.7
– Modular Forcefield Systems
– Modular Powersuits
– Nuclear Control 1.4.5
Inventory Tweaks 1.5
Logistics Pipes
PortalGun 1.4.6v4
RedPower2 2.0pre6
Not Enough Items 1.4.7
– Red Power 1.4.3
– Plugins
Obsidian Pressure Plates
Steve’s Carts 2.0.0a61
Thaumcraft 3 3.0.3
The Twilight Forest 1.15.4
Wireless Redstone CBE

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