Upcoming projects and real life status

So, here is a heads up on what is happening these days, what I’m working on and what projects I have planned. Lately, most my time has gone into my daily work, at the moment I am doing some really cool stuff, looking into big data analysis and laying the groundwork for some larger projects. At the same time, I have bought an apartment in Hamar and will be moving as soon as possible.

As there has been a lot of work this year, I have some spare time coming up towards the end of this year. This means that I will have time to work on my personal projects, which in terms means sharing with you. There are some projects that I will have to finish before working on the cooler ones, but that is the only way I can get them done 😉

First of all, there will be a redesign of the website (again, I know..). The thing is that in recent years I have been using premade themes, never being completely satisfied. By building everything from scratch I can get is just the way i want and not being concerned about the script kiddies not optimizing the code. If you wnat to check out the design, you can have a peek here: http://forge.nexcius.net/design/.

After the redesign is finished, I can start working on the cool stuff!

  • GLSL shader viewer with hot-reloading
  • PHP object unwrapping to database
  • OpenGL console
  • Java manifest versioning and update handling (mostly completed)
  • An Android game containing ninjas, robots, jetpacks, lasers and bacon!

If you want to participate, let me know! All of these projects will be open source as always.

On a sidenote, I might be starting a Minecraft let’s play series with some friends, It has been a long time and most of the 1.7 mods are updated now 😉

Classical music meets (epic) metal

Thought that I should share this video with you all. I have always thought that classical music fits as an inspiration in metal, Dimmu Borgir did an awesome concert with a full orchestra and a chamber choir on stage (Forces of the Northern Light) back in 2011. Creds to 311erock for making this!

Console debugging in PHP

Recently, I have been playing around in PHP again and found that I missed the simplicity of printing whatever object I wanted to the JavaScript console. Guess what? Now we all can!

After some fooling around, I ended up with the following class for handling it. Although it requires your code not to crash, I found it very useful when handling exceptions and inspecting objects when I set up a new API recently.

The attached archive includes both the source and example usage of the script. So sum it up, what you need to get started is this:

< ?php
    use \Net\Nexcius\ConsoleDebug as Debug;

    Debug::LogD("This is a debug message");

As always, feel free to use it however you like.


Inferno Metal Festival this easter

This Easter will be epic, as usual. This will be the 7th year (I think) that I will be attending the Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, Norway. The festival will be from Wednesday 16th to Saturday 19th. If you are in the Oslo area during this time, I can really recommend the festival. Hope to see you there!

Inferno Metal Festival 2014

Inferno Metal Festival 2014

Some of the bands that I’m really looking forward to this year will be Dimmmu Borgir, Kampfar, Tulus and Glittertind. I will be back on Sunday so in the meantime, here are some photos from previous years.