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Ascii Art Generator

Sun, beer, volleyball, travel, bathing, swimming, longboarding, and of course… programming! It is the time of year when I have the time to dedicate time to some personal projects. Today has been a long day of coding and the result was a JavaScript Ascii Art Generator. I have been doing some image manipulation using HTML5 […]

Object-oriented JavaScript

Any project using JavaScript tend to quickly grow out of proportions and often results in very messy code. There are some good tools out there for making it easier to write and maintain JS code, one of which I like the best: CoffeScript. Using these kind of tools helps a lot, but today I’ll present […]

JQuery Tooltip

Ever in need of more than just the standard abbr tooltip? A little while back I wrote just that. It can easily be made prettier, but it works as intended. What this does is listening for the mouseover and mouseout events and display a div with absolute positioning at the element’s location with the tooltip […]

JQuery progress bar

A little JavaScript progress bar with JQuery

As it has been a lot of heavyweight programming lately (as well as the code that I have shared here) I wanted to lighten the mood and do a little JavaScript with JQuery again. This is a very simple progress bar that can be used pretty much anywhere. It looks something like this: 0% Hover […]

Simple Twitter integration

Note: This code is deprecated as of the Twitter API version 1.1. It should still work if you add in the authentication. As I completed the next release for the HRU app today, I was in the mood for some more web programming. Figured out that I should make a Twitter integration for my website, […]