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Upcoming projects and real life status

So, here is a heads up on what is happening these days, what I’m working on and what projects I have planned. Lately, most my time has gone into my daily work, at the moment I am doing some really cool stuff, looking into big data analysis and laying the groundwork for some larger projects. […]

Article listing

Just a quick notice: The articles has now been listed for your convenience. The complete list can be found here. On another note, I have been very busy with my master thesis, but I will get to posting the article on line intersection shortly as well as give you the complete source code for a […]

The game concept

So, after an evening with streaming, I thought that I would explain the game concept. We are using PyGame to make this game. it is going to be called something like “Lunar Lander”. The goal is going to be to land your spacecraft on a landing dock placed on a rotating planet as fast as […]

Game Jam this weekend

So, I’m going to a game jam this weekend. A game jam i generally a short and intense development session where you make a working prototype. This particular one is 48 hours long and I’m going to look into either LiveCode or PyGame(python game library). What is special about this one is that I’m thinking […]

Games4Health Game Jam

Just wanted to share a game that I did a couple weekends ago. It is a platform game made  in Unity for the Games4Health game jam. This is going to be further developed and presented at the Games4Health Europe on the 5th and 6th of November in Amsterdam. If you want to check it out, […]